for actors

TECHNOLOGY and the ACTORAs actors, it is your responsibility to keep your information updated at all times and be aware of which services are being utilized by the industry. Use them to your advantage!

There are many websites that offer their services to the actor; be sure to do your research, and be sure that you are getting "bang for your buck."

We subscribe to the "Casting Networks" system for ALL of our commercial and industrial auditions (union and non-union).

This system has been in use around the country for a while. Actors with agents may set up a free profile on the system- contact your agent for the entry code. Unrepresented actors will be entered in our system for free when they are scheduled to come to our office for an audition.It is designed to streamline the casting process, and what/how the director sees the auditions.

“iActor” is a free service offered to all SAG members. (sorry, only SAG members) We use “iActor” for every union job that
we work on. It is to your advantage as a SAG actor to have your information listed there. It’s also a great service for talent for
keeping dues paid, etc.

If you have not yet listed your information on iActor, please be sure to do it soon. If you are listed, please check that your most
current phone information is listed. (Some folks have mysteriously left their phone number blank)
For more information, please go to: Log on and click on “iActor.”

...AND, there are a couple of other services that we use from time to time, usually on feature films. The service is chosen by
the producer or studio. If we are using one of the other services, we will tell you when you are given an appointment time for
an audition. Then you could log on, and create a profile prior to your audition. Again, any listing would be FREE for the actor.